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Joint pain affects millions of individuals each and every day. To make matters worse, many individuals don’t place a premium on joint health until it’s too late (e.g. they hurt themselves in the gym or they start experiencing age-related joint complications). 
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$69.98 $79.98
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the rundown

how to use
Recommended Use: Take one serving daily to support joint health, reduce soreness, and enhance recovery to help you train harder with greater frequency and obtain the best results possible!
why it works

A serving of AML Joint Cocktail supplies 17 grams of ingredients. Most joint formulas on the market supply (at most) 3-4 grams of active ingredients.

To put this into perspective, if AML Joint Cocktail was in capsule form, you would have to take over 20 tablets or capsules to get the same clinical effective dosages found in one serving of our powdered joint supplement!

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the science

behind the formula

Besides allowing for a more robustly formulated product, making Joint cocktail into a powder allows it to be mixed with water for ease of digestion as well as efficient absorption & assimilation. Many individuals have difficulty swallowing capsules, and there is a lag in digestion and absorption of ingredients in capsules on account of the body having to digest the capsule itself first before it can begin to utilize the active ingredients contained within it. Taking everything together (clinically effective dosages, synergism, multi-tiered approach to joint health, etc.), AML Joint Cocktail can be considered the most powerful, comprehensive, and research-backed joint product ever developed!*
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product benefits

Supports joint health
Helps to increase collagen production
Helps support recovery
Increased performance

powerhouse ingredients

by intensive scientific research

AML believes in the power of science-driven research and clinical research. We are committed to only working with the best researchers, scientists, physiologists, molecular biologists, biochemists, pharmacists and physicians to produce the very best health, nutritional and performance products possible based on the latest
cutting-edge research.
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stack & save

Take your results to the next level by stacking your supplements! AML products are designed to work together to help you achieve your fitness goals.