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Can your morning cup of coffee really help lose weight?

This might sound ridiculous, but it’s true! Caffeine, one of the many compounds in coffee, is loaded with can indeed help you lose weight, and we’ve got 5 ways down below on exactly how caffeine speeds fat loss.

And one other thing before we get started, if you’re worried about the safety of caffeine don’t be, numerous studies have been completed on it as well as coffee demonstrating a number of health and weight loss benefits. Don’t fall for those fear-mongering headlines you see on the nightly news!

With that out of the way, now we can get on with the the main reason you’re here!

Caffeine and Weight Loss

Caffeine exerts a number of really cool actions on the body that taken individually don’t seem that important, but when added together lead to remarkably better fat burning and weight loss.

  • Increases Metabolism

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is the number of calories your body burns at rest. The higher your RMR, the more calories you burn through just lounging on the sofa watching yet another re-run of Law & Order.

Caffeine has been clinically proven to boost metabolism.[1] That means even if you’re just sitting at work sipping a cup of coffee and not doing much else, thank to caffeine, you’ll be burning extra calories without even breaking a sweat!

  • Calls Fat into Action

Caffeine also stimulates lipolysis.[2,3]  A bonus side effect of caffeine’s stimulatory action on the Central Nervous System (CNS), is that body releases stored fat from its adipose tissue.

No, this doesn’t mean you’re losing fat -- if only things were that simple. What it does mean, is that those freed fatty acids can now be used as a source of energy by the body, and spare your glycogen stores for intense exercise, where they’re really needed! So essentially, you’re “burning fat for fuel” thanks to caffeine lipolytic-enhancing actions.

  • Crushes Appetite

Where most people fall of the weight loss track is with their diet. A few weeks after cutting back on calories, those devious hunger pangs start to creep and and suffice it to say you fold like a cheap tent when they hit.

Not anymore though, as caffeine acts as a mild appetite suppressant over short-term periods[4], helping keep you on track with your weight loss goals and avoiding any bon-bon binge sessions.

  • Enhances Performance

In certain quantities, caffeine can actually enhance your athletic performance. These benefits start around doses of 200mg up to and including 400mg (the same amount in AML Pre Workout!).[6,7]

Increased performance translates to more intense and productive workouts, which means you’re burning through extra calories each training session. The end result is faster weight loss, with the added benefit of better performance!

  • Increases Other Ingredients Effectiveness

Caffeine increases your metabolic rate, which means the speed your body executes various reaction and processes at the cellular level is ramped up big time. This has the added effect of also increasing the metabolism of other compounds, like the other fat-burning ingredients in AML ThermoHeat, accelerating fat loss like you never imagined.


Is caffeine effective for weight loss aid?  Absolutely, and you’ve got 5 solid reasons why it helps fat loss. But remember, caffeine is only one component of successful fat loss -- otherwise every person chugging a venti triple mocha frappuccino would be looking like a supermodel (hint hint….they don’t!).

For this reason, Advanced Molecular Labs has included 250mg caffeine as one of the many proven fat loss ingredient in AML ThermoHeat. It’s scientifically engineered to maximize caffeine’s fat burning benefits while not making you feel jittery, anxious, or on edge. Kick stubborn belly fat for good with the help of caffeine and all the other powerful fat-fighting agents with AML ThermoHeat.


4. Caffeine reduces spontaneous energy intake in men but not in women