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Successful weight loss requires a daily caloric deficit (decreased food intake combined with caloric expenditure) of 300 kilocalories per day. People have trouble sustaining this, so they usually gain back any weight they lose. Painless diet gimmicks, such as liquid weight-loss meals, are effective tools for weight loss. A study from the University of Illinois at Chicago led by Krista Varady found that fasting every other day (consuming 25 percent of daily calorie needs) caused weight loss in obese and lean people. After 12 weeks, people lost more than 11 pounds, and decreased fat mass by nearly 8 pounds without changing lean mass. They also reduced heart disease risk factors such as triglycerides, LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and C-reactive protein (measure of inflammation). Alternate-day fasting is a relatively easy way to lose weight because you spread the pain throughout the week. (Nutrition Journal, 12: 146)