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Carbohydrate is the principal fuel during exercise at exercise intensities above 65 percent of maximum effort. We have known for more than 50 years that people have better endurance when they consume high-carbohydrate diets. Scientists from McMaster University in Canada found that power output is increased more following low-carbohydrate diets than when training with high-carb diets. Researchers introduced the concept of Hi-LO carb training. Subjects practiced two interval-training workouts per day for two weeks. Each workout was preceded by a high and then low carb intake (Hi-LO). Another group consumed high carbohydrate intake (HI-HI) before each workout. The high-low carb consumption protocol resulted in greater power output by the end of the study. The researchers used only moderately trained college students, so it is not clear whether the results would apply to serious or elite athletes. (International Journal Sport Nutrition Exercise Metabolism, 25: 463-470, 2015)