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What’s The Most Effective Dosage?

By Robert A. Schinetsky

Athletes, bodybuilders and weekend warriors alike are always on the lookout for anything that’ll give them an edge on the field or in the gym. Can you blame them? Who wouldn’t want to take some type of supplement that delivers greater performance and results!

Unfortunately, the vast majority of supplements on the market are all hype. However, there are a few standout ingredients among the litany of pretenders that can stake a claim as a true performance enhancer. One such ingredient is citrulline malate. It’s great for everything— performance, energy, stamina, recovery, and PUMPS! But just how much do you need to see the citrulline malate benefits?            

Keep reading to see exactly why this ingredient is an absolute must for your supplement regimen.

What Is Citrulline Malate?

Citrulline malate is a hybrid ingredient formed from the bonding of the amino acid L-citrulline to malic acid (malate). Citrulline is a naturally occurring, non-protein a-amino acid created from L-ornithine in the urea cycle— a metabolic process that governs removal of ammonia from the body. Additionally, citrulline can also be found in a number of foods, namely watermelon.

            Citrulline is produced in two different ways:

            1. In the intestinal walls via the breakdown of L-glutamine

            2. As a byproduct of L-arginine’s conversion to nitric oxide (NO)

While on the subject of arginine, it’s worth mentioning that citrulline has been well documented to be a FAR superior nitric oxide booster than L-arginine.1 More on that later.

The second half of citrulline malate is malic acid. It’s another naturally occurring organic compound found in a variety of fruits, particularly apples. Malic acid is a very weak acid, typically added to foods as a preservative to prevent spoilage. But, it’s also been shown to enhance stamina and blunt pain brought on by intense exercise

What Does It Do?

As stated earlier, citrulline is best known as a powerful nitric oxide-boosting ingredient. Increased NO production delivers a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased vasodilation
  • Greater blood flow
  • Enhanced glucose uptake
  • Improved oxygen delivery
  • Better nutrient transport

    Enhanced nutrient and blood delivery to working muscles increases endurance by offsetting premature fatigue (both physically and mentally) during exercise. On top of that, increased vasodilation leads to some seriously epic pumps during your workout.            

    Citrulline malate also enhances energy production via increased ATP synthesis. It also boosts phosphocreatine (CP) recovery after exercise, too–that’s why we call it the Citrulline malate pump! In case you weren’t aware, ATP is a cell’s primary fuel source that provides the power to do work. Basically, the quicker you replenish ATP stores, the quicker your strength and power return. The end result is less fatigue and greater work capacity, setting you up for incredible gains.

    Increased Endurance and Performance

    Jumping back to the urea cycle, we mentioned it’s responsible for removing ammonia and nitrogen accumulation in skeletal muscle tissue. This is a highly important process, as ammonia is extremely toxic in excessive amounts.

    From an athletic performance point of view, elevated levels of ammonia reduce glycogen formation, which inhibits energy production, resulting in fatigue. Citrulline malate provides pump performance because it acts as a “buffer” to ammonia buildup, which increases endurance and performance whether you’re in the gym or on the field. So how much L-Citrulline for pump and performance is needed? Before we get into dosing, let’s go over the citrulline malate benefit benefits.

    Citrulline Malate Benefits

    • Increased nitric oxide production
    • Enhanced ATP production
    • Better endurance
    • Enhanced strength
    • Reduced muscle soreness and pain
    • Quicker recovery
    • Improved nutrient/oxygen delivery
    • Reduced fatigue
    • Elevated post-workout growth hormone (GH) levels
    • Improved GI system functioning

    Dosing: How Much L-Citrulline For Pump?

    So what is the most effective l-citrulline dosage for pump and performance? In order to make the most of the supplement and feel the citrulline malate pump and everything else it has to offer, consume 8 grams one hour pre-workout. Research has shown that 8 grams of citrulline malate is the most clinically effective dose for improving strength and exercise performance.


    Better performance, recovery, energy and pumps … what more could you ask for from a single ingredient?! Citrulline malate is an absolute “must have” ingredient for your workouts.

    AML Preworkout contains the full clinically backed dose of 8 grams of citrulline malate to enhance your workouts and set the stage for continual gains.


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