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Fortified Milk Does Not Increase Muscle Mass Or Strength In Middle-Aged Men

Brian Turner

Posted on September 21 2018

 Fortified milk is high in good-quality protein and a variety of critical nutrients. It is an excellent beverage for fluid replacement after exercise. Australian researchers found that fortified milk supplements (1 pint per day) did not enhance the effects of a weight training program on body composition, strength, or physical performance in 180 men 50-79 years old.

 During an 18-month study, men were assigned to one of four groups: 1) weight training plus milk, 2) weight training, 3) milk, and 4) control. Weight training improved strength by 20-50 percent, muscle size by 1.8 percent, and walking speed by 11 percent. Low or nonfat milk is a healthy food for aging men, but it won’t make them any stronger or enhance the effects of a weight-training program. (Journal Applied Physiology, 107: 1864-1873, 2009)