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Studies have shown that oral administration of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) produces gains in strength and exercise performance.1 Another study by Wilson et al.2 showed that two weeks of ATP supplementation, at 400 milligrams per day from Peak ATP® (the same amount in Advanced Molecular Labs (AML) Power Rep) combined with weight training, increased total-body strength as well as muscle size. The study also showed that consuming ATP had a decrease in muscle protein breakdown caused by overtraining.

It has also been shown that ATP supplementation can increase nitric oxide, prostacyclin, enhance vasodilation, blood flow and exercise performance.3,4 Another study by Rathmacher et al.5 showed that supplementation of 400 milligrams of ATP from Peak ATP®(same amount in AML Power Rep) per day significantly increases muscular endurance; studies have also shown that ATP has the ability to minimize pain6 and as a result, increase pain tolerance while working out and providing an enhanced performance benefit.

Another more recent study7 showed that 400 milligrams of ATP from Peak ATP® (the same amount in AML Power Rep) prevented declines in ATP and boosted power output, compared to a placebo (fake ATP) during repeated six-second sprints on a stationary bike. 400 milligrams of ATP prevented fatigue by improving cellular energy regulation.

The most recent study8 published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Researchshowed that a single dose of 400 milligrams of ATP from Peak ATP® (the same amount found in AML Power Rep) improved lower body resistance training performance and energy expenditure in recreationally trained men! This study is very significant because it is the first to investigate the effects of a single acute dose of 400 milligrams of ATP during lower body squat exercise!!!

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of an acute effect of 400 milligrams of ATP from Peak ATP® supplementation before exercise on performance and physiological responses during resistance exercise. Eleven men performed four sets of half-squats until failure. The total weight lifted was higher for the ATP group compared to placebo.

Commenting on the new study, Dr. Ralf Jäger told NutraIngredients-USA (October 26, 2017): “Just one-time ATP supplementation, 30 minutes prior to exercise, increased maximal leg workout volume by 24%. Training volume correlates to training adaptations, and the result of this study confirm previously observed increase in strength and size gains in chronic supplementation and training studies.” (Wilson et al., Nutr Metab, 2013, 10:57)

Dr. Jäger continued, “The fact that ATP works acutely, in contrast to other sports nutrition ingredients like creatine or beta-alanine, makes ATP the ideal candidate for pre-workout products that want to not just deliver the stimulant effect of caffeine, but deliver a real performance benefit to consumers. Increasing fatigue resistance seems to be the main mechanism in how ATP allows active people to train harder and longer during workouts.”

I was the first to bring to market ATP during my 27 years as head of product development at Twinlab (1974-2001). Recently, I have introduced Power Rep with the most clinically effective dose of ATP from Peak ATP® (400 mg) and synergistically combined with p-synephrine (100 mg) and TeaCrine® (100 mg) for greater performance-enhancing benefits!!

Stacking AML Power Rep with AML Pre-Workout will reduce muscular fatigue and improve muscular endurance tremendously! Ratamess et al.9 found that 100 milligrams of p-synephrine (the same amount in AML Power Rep) right before you start training improved exercise performance, increasing the total amount of repetitions completed and muscle endurance!

“The optimal timing of AML Ultimate Pre-Workout Stack would be to drink AML Pre-Workout one hour before entering the gym, giving enough time for the supplement to boost energy and motivation. Then, right before you start training, take the recommended capsules of AML Power Rep for an additional boost that will provide endless energy, mental focus and strength for the entire workout.”10

The AML Ultimate Pre-Workout Stack Can Give You:

  • Increased lean body mass!
  • Increased energy, mental alertness and muscular endurance!
  • 147% more strength!
  • Bigger lifts!
  • More powerful reps!!

AML Pre-Workout Stack is based on the latest cutting-edge science! Get AML Pre-Workout & AML Power Rep today at

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