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I’m no stranger to pre-workout products. Between my experience as a supplement formulator, countless workouts and competition preps, I have tried tons of pre-workout products over the years.

With that being said, I can tell you that Advanced Molecular Labs’ PREWORKOUT is like no other pre-workout that I’ve tried. The taste is superior, and it’s a high potency performance enhancer that is scientifically formulated to deliver results.

Enhanced Training

Feeling tired as opposed to feeling energetic and motivated can really have an effect on your training and ultimately your results. AML’s PREWORKOUT contains scientifically formulated ingredients that help ensure you get a great workout by intensifying focus, increasing energy, power, strength and endurance.

I have never ever been a morning person. For this reason, I’ve always preferred to exercise in the evening— but sometimes after a long day, my energy levels are severely depleted. But AML’s PREWORKOUT is formulated with compounds that increase adrenaline and dopamine. So the first time I took AML’s PREWORKOUT, I tried it on leg day, because I figured this would be the ultimate test.

Leg workouts are usually so intense that I go home right afterward. But this time, I had enough energy for a run on the treadmill after the workout! I was so amazed and it felt great. The central nervous system activators in AML’s PREWORKOUT help restore the neurotransmitters needed for energy and focus, which it why it’s perfect for a long and intense leg-training session. A lot of pre-workouts do contain caffeine like AML’s PREWORKOUT, because caffeine has been shown to improve exercise performance and enhance energy levels, but this product goes beyond that by also delivering Acetyl-Tyrosine, Mucuna Pruriens and BioPerine.

Pump it Up

I like a good muscle pump, and that’s exactly what I got from AML’s PREWORKOUT. The clinically proven ingredients help to stimulate NO production, which expands blood vessels and in turn speeds the delivery of nutrients for working muscles— helping them to grow.

The ingredients citrulline and beetroot extract in AML’s PREWORKOUT deliver a much better and superior pump than arginine— which is used in many other pre-workouts even though it is poor absorbed by the body. Citrulline has been shown to enhance muscular performance and be more effective at raising NO levels, and beetroot also helps to increase nitrates that can help to increase NO product and exercise intensity.

Ingredients that Increase Performance, Endurance & Strength

To get results from your pre-workout product, you need clinically validated ingredients on to promote muscle, strength and endurance. AML’s PREWORKOUT contains:

Betaine (BetaPower): Increases anaerobic power, resulting in more power for your workout! It can also help stimulate creatine, the single most important compound when it comes to muscle building.

• Creatine (CreaPure): Helps drive energy levels by increasing the availability of ATP, which is the muscle’s main energy source. Countless studies have shown that creatine stimulates muscle formation, increases muscle size and strength and enhances muscular energy.

• Beta-Alanine: Helps to increase the level of carnosine in the muscle and reduce lactic acid build-up, which can result in longer sets and enhanced endurance.

For me, it was no doubt that these effective ingredients resulted in improved intensity, more reps and enough endurance after legs for that post-workout run.

Longer, More Intense and Effective Workouts

I have experienced the energy-crashing effects of many pre-workouts. But, to my surprise, there wasn’t one with AML’s PREWORKOUT— and it also didn’t disrupt my sleep.

This is a product that lives up to the claims on the bottle— it’s scientifically formulated, high potency and enhances performance. I’m excited to make this product a part of my supplement and pre-workout ritual!