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Dopamine is a fight-or-flight hormone and brain chemical that helps send signals between brain nerve cells. Mental arousal to exercise, stress and sexual activity triggers the release of dopamine, which makes people feel good and psyches them up. German scientists from the University of Schleswig-Holstein showed that increases in dopamine activation boosts calorie loss by brown fat and increases in mitochondria (powerhouses of the cell). Exercise increases dopamine levels, which promotes increased calorie loss in mitochondria and the activity of brown fat. L-tyrosine, caffeine and Mucuna pruriens (containing L-dopa), folic acid and theacrine (as TeaCrine™) also increase dopamine.

One solution to boost dopamine levels is the breakthrough product Dopa Rush™ from Advanced Molecular Labs (AML). Dopa Rush™ is the most potent dopamine-maximizing supplement on the market. Dopa Rush™ is a dopamine maximizer that uses a scientifically backed formula to increase mental alterness, focus, clarity and energy. No crash, no jitters— just enhanced mood, creativity and motivation. Dopa Rush™ is designed for students, athletes and motivated professionals for a mental edge in the office, in class or even in the gym.