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Multivitamin and mineral supplements are intended to fill the significant nutritional void in today's diet, promoting better health.* However, most multivitamins and mineral products fall severely short of this goal.

In addition to their inability to improve health, multivitamin and mineral products available today are typically unable to function as a performance enhancer. That is, until now. AML's revolutionary and scientifically advanced Thermo Heat® Multi helps promote superior health while simultaneously enhancing exercise performance and helping to reduce body fat like no other multivitamin and mineral product that we've ever heard of. Thermo Heat® Multi Contains select vitamins and minerals with precise, research-based dosages to help maintain optimal health, well-being and weight management.*

Here's How it works

Helps improve overall metabolic health.

Contains a blend of vitamins that have been shown to help enhance health and wellness. Included in this blend is the fat-soluble vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin K. Thermo Heat® Multi also contains vitamin C and vitamin E, B-complex vitamins (including folic acid and vitamin B12), and important minerals zinc, magnesium and selenium for optimum metabolic function and wellness.*

Aids in boosting thyroid function and reducing body fat.

Thermo Heat® Multi only contains essential nutrients that assist in improving health by helping the body to alleviate oxidative stress while burning body fat, which may lead to a more vigorous metabolism and superior overall health. One way Thermo Heat® Multi helps accomplish this effect is by enhancing thyroid gland function. The thyroid gland's primary purpose is activating metabolic rate by way of several hormones, including the most important triiodothyronine or T3.*

Contains precise serving of vitamin D3 for enhanced lean body mass and fat loss.

While most multivitamin and mineral combinations do not enhance performance in the gym or help improve the physique, Thermo Heat® Multi contains several unique compounds that help accomplish both. Vitamin D is unique because it promotes overall health like other vitamins while also assisting in improving muscle growth and exercise performance. One of the health benefits associated with vitamin D includes the maintenance of bone health. In addition, low levels of vitamin D correlate with several health issues, indicating the requirement of vitamin D intake to maintain optimal health. Thermo Heat® Multi contains 4,000 IU vitamin D (from vitamin D3), the amount reported in the research to be most beneficial for enhanced lean body mass and fat loss.*

A novel thermogenic blend that supports a leaner body, more robust metabolism, helps suppress appetite and thermogenically incinerate fat.

Thermo Heat® Multi contains compounds, known as capsaicinoids, which bind the TRPV receptor and help to induce thermogenesis. Capsaicinoids have also been associated with reduced food intake, helping to give them the capability to assist in increasing energy expenditure and fat oxidation while reducing energy intake, providing a way to lose body fat.* Thermo Heat® Multi also contains a unique blend of spices that aid in burning fat and suppressing appetite including BioPerine®, cinnamon (cinnamaldehyde) and gingerol. These compounds have also been reported to help decrease appetite, giving them even greater capacity to aid in bolstering fat loss by increasing energy expenditure while also decreasing energy intake. An additional advantage of BioPerine® intake is its remarkable capacity to enhance the bioavailability, and thus activity, of many different compounds found in Thermo Heat® Multi.*

Thermo Heat® Multi polyphenols further support thermogenically driven fat loss.*

A wide variety of polyphenolic compounds in Thermo Heat® Multi support weight loss and better health by stimulating thermogenic and non-thermogenic fatty acid oxidation while also helping to suppress oxidative stress, such as oleuropein, kaempferol, curcumin, grape seed and red wine polyphenols.*

More BAT for greater fat loss.

In addition to assisting in boosting thermogenic-activity in brown adipose tissue (BAT), increasing the amount of BAT in the body could help increase the overall thermogenic response for a more robust capacity to shed body fat. A compound naturally found in many fruits and herbs and also found in Thermo Heat® Multi, known as ursolic acid, has been suggested to help increase both BAT quantity and thermogenic-activity.*

Berberine aids in converting adipose tissue from fat depot into a fat incinerator.*

Berberine has also been indicated to help increase energy expenditure, limit weight gain and enhance brown adipose tissue (BAT) activity.*

Free of iron, copper and manganese.

Because of the inherent medical risks and oxidative damage associated with superfluous iron, copper and manganese, Thermo Heat® Multi does not contain any form of these reactive minerals.* • Iron is an essential trace element. Recent studies have shown that too much iron in the diet can increase oxidative stress.* • The mineral copper also generates oxidative damage, particularly in neurons and the central nervous system, making too much copper intake in the diet unhealthy. • Excessive consumption of the mineral manganese is also not ideal. The influence of excessive manganese on health is likely due, in part, from oxidative damage within the body, as manganese can generate free radicals in a similar fashion to iron and copper. Manganese also tends to accumulate in specific cells in the brain called the astrocytes. Since the astrocyte normally provides essential nutrients to neurons, disruption of the astrocyte prevents the required nutrition for the neuron, thus affecting neuronal function.

Free of calcium.

Calcium intake has been promoted for quite some time because of its apparent ability to help maintain bone health. Calcium is also required for many other essential bodily functions, including nerve function, muscular contraction and the regulation of certain hormones. As a result, most multivitamins contain a considerable amount of the daily recommended allowance for calcium. However, a few recent studies indicate that calcium supplementation may not be as beneficial to bone health and it may also negatively impact health and the cardiovascular system.*

For optimal health, the minerals iron, copper, manganese and calcium should be supplied from a healthy diet.