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It’s time to reinvigorate the fat loss supplement category with the release of AML’’s newest revolutionary fat loss support supplement -- Thermo Heat™ Cocktail, based on the latest scientific research!
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the rundown

how to use
Recommended Use: Take one serving of THERMO HEAT COCKTAIL on an empty stomach in the morning 60 minutes before your workout as a thermogenic energizer and maximum strength fat-burner. Can also be taken as an early afternoon energizer and thermogenic fat-burner. THERMO HEAT COCKTAIL is best used as part of a diet and exercise program.
why it works
Calorie-restricted diets can depress thyroid function, causing one’s metabolism to slow. Thermo Heat boosts your body’s metabolism and can maintain healthy thyroid function naturally. Plus, the thermogenic fat burner encourages the conversion of T4 to active thyroid hormone T3 for enhanced BAT thermogenesis and fat burning.
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the science

behind the formula

Our synergistic proprietary blend of ingredients ignites your body’s fat burning by switching on the metabolically inactive white adipose tissue (WAT) so that it acts more similar to the most proficient thermogenic tissue in the body-brown adipose tissue (BAT) or brown fat. Thermo Heat also contains other thermogenic activators that further enhance fat burning and thermogenesis.
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product benefits

Provides energy without overstimulating
Helps to manage and reduce appetite
Promotes healthy thyroid function
Enhances fat burning and thermogenesis

powerhouse ingredients

by intensive scientific research

AML believes in the power of science-driven research and clinical research. We are committed to only working with the best researchers, scientists, physiologists, molecular biologists, biochemists, pharmacists and physicians to produce the very best health, nutritional and performance products possible based on the latest
cutting-edge research.
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stack & save

Take your results to the next level by stacking your supplements! AML products are designed to work together to help you achieve your fitness goals.